Night Train Caps (15mg)

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Night Train is an Indica dominant hybrid containing THC levels that range from 18-24% on average. Great for the afternoon and evening, Night Train is an excellent relaxation strain working well to break tension and stress. The full spectrum infused capsules allows all the plants properties to be captured in an edible form. Night Train works well in alleviating unpleasant symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety and may also help with physical pain. Looking for a more uplifting capsule - try Kish capsules.

Sea to Sky Cannabis capsules are hand made in Vancouver containing decarboxylated medical marijuana infused into 100% pure first press organic coconut oil. For faster application place capsules in fridge, when coconut oil solidifies remove cap and squeeze coconut oil directly under tongue for sublingual absorption.

15mg THC per capsule

150mg THC per bottle