Kloud 9 - CBD - AC/DC 10-1 650mg

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AC/DC is a sativa-dominant, high-CBD strain with a cross between Ruderalis and Cannatonic. Because of its low THC content, it does not produce any psychoactive effects on your body. AC/DC has a strange but pleasant taste which is a mixture of skunk, sweet and earthy flavors. Its aroma is quite similar and is quite pungent with a hint of sweet and earthy scents. Its aroma and taste have a citrus flavor as well. You tend to become more focused on your work, and also feel like socializing with people after smoking AC/DC. Due to its high CBD content, this strain is excellent for treating chronic pains, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, seizures, nausea, tumors and tremors. It can also mitigate the adverse effects produced by chemotherapy.